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Literally anytime and any pair I wear I get compliments. They fit perfectly and are not cheap feeling in the slightest! I bought the Mella first on its own months ago and I have vowed to buy every pair that she makes 😂 they are that amazing 🤩 This wide faced large headed woman approves!

Katie P
Sept 2023

When I saw this on my FYP I was very skeptical, but after a while of going back and forth I just pulled the trigger and it’s the best decision I’ve made! I LOVE THEM. They don’t hurt, they look amazing and my self-esteem has gone up because I finally like how my face looks with glasses. Just do it!

Fer Urq
Sept 2023

I’ve always struggled to find sunglases and glasses that will fit my round face. I have had the same pair of sunglasses since 1999!!!! Because I can never find fashionable ones. Thanks so much for making this brand!

Aug 2023

Absolutely obsessed with my glasses. I was so sad when they were sold out and I can truly say they were worth the wait. My husband who literally wouldn’t notice if I shaved my head said, “Wow. I can see what you mean that they fit your face better than your old ones.” Absolutely amazing glasses.

Alexis Andino
July 2023

As a heart shaped face girl, with high cheekbones, I never thought I'd be able to pull off these kinds of shades. These are the most beautiful luxurious sunglasses I've ever owned. Perfect width and I'm living out the Y2K vibe! I love the brand story and as a fellow girl boss, love to support! Worth the cost alone and will be purchasing many more!

Aug 2023

If your jeans don't fit, you grab another size. You can't do that with sunglasses. That's why I started Sol Kyst - Sunglasses designed to fit & flatter. - Meghan Victoria

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