two woman sitting in chairs on the beech, with the water behind them, both have sunglasses on top of their heads, both wearing beige toned dresses, with their bare feet in the sand, and champagne glasses in the sand by their feet, chairs are ratan with white cusions, woman on the right has her hand on the shoulder of the woman on the left sunglasses, rectangle silhouette, brown frame, wide face, midi wide face petite, slightly wider than standard, mini, slightly smaller than standard - shown being held by a woman wearing a brown blazer, the woman is slightly out of focus

We already kyst, might as well be SOL MATES


Sunglasses are an instant confidence boost. They are your physical and emotional protection from the everyday world…and let’s be real they make you feel like a BAD B.

From the beginning we’ve had a simple belief…we all deserve products that fit & flatter.

We have the mission to bring you our cheeky girls intentional - size inclusive designs and find our Sol Mates the perfect FIT!


  • Earn some extra sugar $$ on every order you send our way using your unique link or code!

  • Receive free products and be the first to experience new launches!

  • Bad B’s only. Embrace your gorgeous facial structure and strut with confidence each time you put on your Sol Kyst sunnies!

  • Grow your following with content reposts on our platforms and be apart of the movement! Embrace your beauty and share that confidence with the world!

  • Potential partnerships, sponsored content and campaign opportunities!

  • And honestly, we ‘re just getting started… any ideas on how to create a more fun and fab community and network, we’d love to hear from you! Personally….we’d love to have a beach party and dance under the moon with all us sol mates <3 But you tell us!
  • You will be given 2 unique codes for your followers to use to make purchases.

  • Your followers will receive 10% off any order over $85.00 USD and a one time free Kyst klip.

  • You will receive 8% net sales of orders made using your link or code within 45 days of purchase.

  • Payments will be sent via PayPal using USD currency once commission has surpassed $100.00 USD.

Ready to become our solmate?

We’re a small women owned business from Toronto, Canada and with your help we can work together to get the whole world Kyst! And you can make a little extra sugar! XO ;)

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