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At Sol Kyst we take a person first approach. We put the world into shadows so our customers shine. We are redefining beauty standards, empowering our customers, and revolutionizing the eyewear industry with an incredible global community of wide face babes. All of us, feeling beautiful, reaching for our sunnies - our armour and shield to take on the day - because let’s be real: they give you a confidence boost + make you feel like a bad B.


In the midst of the 2020 pandemic, Meghan Victoria's MUA career came to a sudden standstill. She needed a new outlet for her creativity - and this lead her to begin designing sunglasses specifically for people with wide + cheeky faces, like her own.

Meghan's ten years experience as a Make Up Artist gave her an advantage when designing sunglasses. She understands face shapes, sizes, bone structure - and how the design of sunglasses could flatter + enhance customer's faces.

In early 2021 Meghan launched a pre-order of the original Kyst Eye design. She shared a single video on social media - which generated over 120,000 views, and over $10,000 in orders within the first 24 hours.


Sol Kyst originally focused solely on Wide-Faced Babes. It wasn't long before Meghan started receiving requests to make her stylish frames in smaller sizes. In 2023 Meghan developed a small selection of "wide-faced petite" sunglasses. These were very well received by the community, and the decision was made to expand more styles into smaller sizes. To streamline sizing across all silhouettes and styles, Sol Kyst introduced 3 sizes: Wide, Midi, Mini.

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What's coming up

In 2024 you can expect a lot of exciting things !!

New styles. New colours. New collabs + partnerships.

Sol Mates, our ambassador program. Get Friends Kyst, our referral program.

Sol Kyst will continue to 'expand in reverse', bringing in all the OG Wide styles in the Midi and Mini sizes. And Meghan will continue designing new stylish sunglasses - with something for everyone, from trendy to classic.

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