Holiday Styling Guide : Red & Gold

One of the reasons I even created this collection is that I always want to be brightening up my life with little moments of sparkle and joy...both literally and figuratively. I'm not a big over the top accessory person but I'm always up for adding a little glitz & glam to my look.This holiday season I wanted to dress up the small and mundane moments of my life and create the most simple but practical and beautiful accessory to do so ; The Sun's Kiss Signature Chain.

Today I want to show you a super simple but effective way of styling our Sun's Kiss Signature chain for this Holiday season! 

A red lip is a Holiday signature and definitely an attention stealer ! So I didn't want to do anything too over powering but I always love a little glam factor. Sticking to our neutral palette I styled my cozy off the shoulder white holiday sweater with my statement black and white glasses. Then for a festive pop of shimmer and shine I jazzed up my glasses with our Sun's Kiss Signature Chain in Golden. To do this I attached my chain with our silicone buckles to the glasses. I gave it a little tighten to ensure it was secure and then I put my glasses on while keeping the chain in front of me  and then let it softly cascade down my open shoulder for a little extra glam factor!! 
Would you try this look for the Holidays? Let us know ! 

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